Sinchon, Hongik Univ.: These places are where prominent universities are located and you can experience the youth culture such as performances and clubs. On the fashion street of Sinchon, road-shops are located in every corner of its alleys. On streets of Hongik University, you can experience a variety of things- flee market, street performance, gallery exhibition and live club.

World Cup Stadium: This is where the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup was held. The main stadium is now used as the dedicated stadium for FC Seoul. In the World Cup Stadium, there are not only the soccer field but also movie theater, sports center and shopping malls, playing its role as a multiplex. The Peace Park and Sky Park which are connected to the stadium are loved by many people for one day out.

Gyeongbok-gung(palace): The first royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty period is the largest and the most magnificent among the five royal palaces located in Seoul. There are some must-visit spots in Gyeongbok-gung: Kyeonghoeru vividly displays the architectural aesthetics of the Joseon Dynasty period. Hyangwonjeong is the water's edge in the north side of the palace. Geoncheong-gung is a place where the King Gojong lived and Empress Myeongseong was killed by Japanese soldiers. At Heungrye-mun, there held the rotation ceremony of chief gatekeepers of royal palace at 10:00AM, 11:00AM, 12:00AM, 01:00PM, 02:00PM and 03:00PM.

Insa-dong: This place is where many antique shops and art galleries are placed. In this place, you can enjoy traditional aspects at traditional food restaurants and souvenir shops and modernity at the same time.

Gahoedong-gil(Bukchon): This place is where 900 houses of Hanok(Korean traditional house) form a colony. The narrow alleys and many number of Hanoks are the most magnificent aspects of this place. A lot of art studios, galleries, Hanok tea houses and restaurants are placed here. You can enjoy more by searching for the so-called "Bukchon's 8 most splendid landscapes" designated by the city of Seoul.

Myungdong, Namdaemun market: These are the most representative shopping spots of Seoul. Namdaemun market is, in particular, a traditional market with the longest history. In this market, you can get various products with low price and enjoy the atmosphere of a typical traditional market of Korea.

Namsan Park: This place is where you can have a one-sight view of Seoul by going up along the walk path. A botanical garden, exhibit hall and library are located in this park so you can enjoy these various themed places. A course where you can look around an octagonal pavilion while riding a cable car is very famous. The N Seoul Towel is the most beautiful when you visit it at night.

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